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Sungari Pearl will be closed December 31st and reopen Friday, January 18th

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Sungari.  Started in 1999 with a partnership between Chef Zhi Wei and Sunny, they have reunited with the reopening of Sungari Pearl.   

Sungari Pearl Restaurant is a modern, sustainable interpretation of classic American Chinese cuisine. Since 1999, everything from ingredients to practices follows a commitment to the health of diners as well as the planet.  

In addition to using primarily locally farmed produce, grows some of their own vegetables and garnishes. Sungari's dishes feature free-range meats raised with no hormones and no antibiotics, sustainably caught or locally, sustainably raised seafood, and bean curd from Portland’s own OTA Tofu Company. 

Essentially, you will still find every traditional long-loved Chinese food like fried rice (made with fresh hand cut vegetables and meats), Potstickers (even the wrappers are made from scratch and hand rolled), or Kung Pao at Sungari Pearl, however with a lightness and purity that is not only delicious but also important.

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